How long does it take for Threadless to sell out of a shirt?

I've been wondering how long it takes because I've been waiting for them to seel out of Outbreak girl so they can reprint it in my size

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travis76 profile pic Alumni

depends on if it sucks or not.
'we're all made of carbon' sold out in less than a week, which may be some kind of record.
i think the better question is, how many are printed in a first run, and do they sometimes print less if they are unsure of a design's ability to sell...


It probably won't be printed, just for the fact that it took so long to get to the point it is at now. I'd suggest looking on ebay?

cshimala profile pic Staff

yea, don't expect it anytime soon... maybe next year

and we print the same amount for every tee on a first run

Cock-Punch Jones

How many is the amount they print in the first run?

cshimala profile pic Staff

sorry, we don't give out that info


He's playing hard to get.


Hey Shimala, thanks for mentioning that you print the same amount on every first run, I've always wondered that.

Mr. Monkey

shimala do you score the shirts too?


i believe this round of outbreak girl already is a reprint. and once it has been reprinted once they probably give other desired reprints a kick at the can first. you can always check if threadless is sold at a store somewhere in your city.

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or any of the outbreak girl rip offs they sell in thailand....or go to getty images and use the same picture the designer did to make your own by simply vectorizing it and adding the neck-skull. (stab! stab!)

oh, i have no creativity at the moment.
will i ever submit again?

cshimala profile pic Staff

yes, I score shirts(1.2073 avg)... I've been lazy and haven't been scoring that much lately... was going to start back up today when I have some time.

Mr. Monkey

I see...
I forgot about the average thingy on the profile.

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(old blog, I know)

but what was the last shirt to sell out in one day?

I don't even remember, maybe a tee from glennz...? the economy is killing everyone right now. There have been some amazing prints from threadless lately and there was the sale, but I don't recall any tees selling out on the first day.

On top of that, maybe threadless has increased their quantities.


I think Threadless might have upped their quantities. I remember a year ago, stuff would sell out in Guy's S and M on the first day, but I've never seen something completely sell out. They've got that new special order feature though now too, where they do an immediate reprint if something sells well in the first week. Friday I'm in Love also had a batch printed on American Apparel as well as on Threadless tees which might have been because it sold well.

Neon Samurai

Yeah, I can remember a bunch of shirts selling out last year in less than a day, can't think of any this year.

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