My design is too big for the

when i make its size smaller it becomes using ps what do i do?

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if you haven't already, try looking over the different options under image size, at the bottom there is a drop down menu with options like bicubic, bilinear and nearest neighbor.


Your image is too big in cs6, and if you drag it down, it will look pixelated. The right way to make it smaller is to use the Image Size option.

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If your work is becoming too pixelated to view when you resize it for the screen, then it sounds like the original artwork was not created in high enough of a resolution to begin with, regardless of which version you're using.

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Yeah, I see a lot of these blogs and I don't understand. I create all my artwork at 300dpi on a canvas at least 5000x4000 and I have never ever had a problem resizing that down to fit on the 845x445 72dpi template. I'd be really interested in knowing what you're doing to see why it doesn't work.


easy way just make a new 845x445 file minimize then open ur original design the submitting one select all copy go to the new 845 one paste move ur design around to the spot u want to save no need to scale it save a copy, save as jpeg done.

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open template in photoshop

open design file in photoshop select all, copy merged past design file in template file zoom out edit, free transform scale to the size you want


If you created it in Illustrator before-hand, you can always resize it there before putting it in photoshop. Otherwise, as far as I know, "resize image" is your best bet. Also, if your placing the image into another project, after placing it, use the handles to resize it before pressing enter to finish placing it. BTW, holding the shift button makes scaling the image equally a lot easier. Hope my ramblings help!

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The easiest answer: Hold shift and grab a corner of the layer and size it down. This will cause it to scale proportionally.

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