Self-introduction and first submission! Stop by, say Hi!

Hey folks, my name is Nate and I've been lurking (and shopping) here for a while, though I recently submitted my first design and it's up for scoring! It's called Tree Rex, and I've been incubating it for months now. I've been drawing and creating art in various media for years, but recently have become enamored with vector, and this project has been my learning curve (a very bumpy curve at that). A lot of designs here on Threadless have helped me get here in one way or another, so thanks to everyone for doing what you do.

As it's my first shot I spared no effort or detail in bringing it to life. It would mean a whole lot to me if you stopped by, lent me a vote and left a comment. Of course I reciprocate in kind with other designers so let's do some back-scratching! Sorry if you've already seen it in the scoring section, in which case thanks for taking a look. Also, if you like what you see, I posted some high-res shots of some of the finer detail / textural areas on my Behance project page. Once again thanks for checking it out... it's much appreciated!

Watch this
blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

This has amazing detail, especially for a vector image. This must have taken forever. Voted!

bortwein profile pic Alumni

Great detail and a much more refined first submission than most put up here. Welcome to the submission game and keep up the good/hard work. I 5'd it.

Neight-Bit profile pic Alumni

Wow, thanks for the kind words. The Threadless community rules! When the smoke clears I may also post a w.i.p evolution / tutorial, but don't quite have the oomph for that project just yet.

macdoodle profile pic Alumni

Wicked awesome first sub. Voted. Also, Hi and welcome!


Welcome!! This is an amazing first sub, great job! :D

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

Wow. Amazing first sub

Welcome, Nate!

foodstampdavis said:

Wow. That's fantastic.

Needs butts.

hopefully, next design???

Neight-Bit profile pic Alumni

Believe it or not, I do have a design in mind that contains butts. Wasn't sure if it was in good enough taste, but it is pretty light-hearted. Also, who am I to not give the people what they want?

FoodStampDavis profile pic Alumni

See my profile pic. That tasteful little number was accepted for scoring, so I think you've got a pretty good shot.


I came for butts :(

Neight-Bit profile pic Alumni

Next time, taz-pie ... ??

fightstacy profile pic Alumni

Insanitree!! HAHAHAHA Get it, ..because yours is a tree, ..then I said Insanitree, which is Insanity, but with tree in it.. ..sounds more like sanitary though I guess; need to work on my puns more.


Ryder profile pic Alumni

whoa thats awesome. great first sub dude. love the color/style of the tree trunk! total win

Neight-Bit profile pic Alumni

The cherry-picker also comes in Malibu Barbie pink!

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