Threadless creates amazing opportunities

Threadless really does create amazing opportunities. Ever since I have been subbing on here and getting some stuff printed, things have just seemed to crop up but it all comes back to the stuff that I do on here.

I work full time at a big creative agency in the UK and I started subbing on here just to keep myself sane and away from the stress of agency life.

I sub on here for pure enjoyment and to create designs exactly the way I want to, without being told, 'can you change this, change that, alter colours etc... and I absolutely love it.

A couple of weeks ago the band the The National approached to create a t-shirt for their new tour - they are one of my favourite bands and to have them approach me after seeing some of my work online has been amazing and quite surreal - some of the work they referred to is stuff I have had printed here and put on S6. Their design is complete and approved. I was left to do pretty much whatever I wanted.

Without Threadless I wouldn't even be creating stuff in my spare-time I don't think, let alone having GAP prints and a band like the National approach me for some artwork.

So a huge thanks Threadless, you've kept me sane, made me a better creative and helped open up some cool opportunities.

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BeanePod profile pic Alumni

Awesome.....and I pretty much sub all of my silly stuff for the same reasons. Though I'm not really sure how sane I can claim to be at any given time.

cshimala profile pic Staff

That's great. Great tunes and design joining forces. Cheers!


Awesome to hear, congrats man!

dudeowl profile pic Alumni

nice! :D

andyg profile pic Alumni


jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

woo! go trevor!


Right on! Yay, you :D

Farnell profile pic Alumni

Thanks everyone - if anyone goes to one of their shows this year, look out for it, I will post a pic of it when I can


Amazing! Congratulations!

dandingeroz profile pic Alumni

So awesome!!!! I can relate on this I won't be dandingeroz if it not because of Threadless and I won't marry my wife not because of Threadless! YEY!

Raulio profile pic Alumni

That's awesome to hear! I think the same, Threadless give us really good opportunities and exposition.

Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Alumni

Rad! I cosign this thread!

expomonster profile pic Alumni

Awesome! It really is a great place to be inspired by so many great artists and be able to do the designs you want to do.

Farnell profile pic Alumni

cheers everyone - I just wanted to share it with everyone as the opportunities are endless for all of us.

Ian-S profile pic Alumni

The National! Nicely done that man.

louisroskosch profile pic Alumni

awesome! quite a few cool things have come out of my threadless rejects to, threadless is a good website for sure, forces you to really think about what you are doing.

the czar

Amazing! Congratulations!!

Dan Yingling

Definitely did for me. High fives!

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