Concept sketches for idea

I actually made these a few years ago and a friend of mine convinced me to put them up anyway. They were these different hilarious scenarios of Santa and his elves made in a whole bunch of thumbnail sketches. These are more finalized sketches I picked out:

The first one I have to change. The elves were originally suppose to be drinking root beer but
due to the threadless guidelines I don't wont to risk it and may just have them sleeping

Watch this

the gaming santa is a killer.

Ferz said:

the gaming santa is a killer.

^^^And the gaming elf is hilarious! Great concepts and awesome style! Please, go on! :D

Also, tribbles for the first one!

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Unless you're aiming for a kids' challenge I don't see how elves drinking root beer could be a problem

BeanePod profile pic Alumni

I have not and will not ever have a problem with a drunken elf....cept when he "forgets" his wallet and has to be spotted at Waffle House.

  • Love the little elf playing video games :)
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Morkki said:

fact: BeanePod is Santa

Way to spoil the secret Morkki.....LUMP OF COAL FOR YOU!!!!!

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