Please help a girl out! I'm grateful for any critiques to improve my rejected design.

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I like the concept, but the sketchiness of the drawing is a big detractor. You're clearly referencing old illustration plates, so look at some of those drawings to match the style and line quality. The same can be said for the lettering. It's commendable that you tried to hand-draw the lettering, but try to mimic the look and feel of those antique drawings.

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Yeah, kuro makes a good point, ...The more authentic these drawings look, the better the joke works.

opifan64 profile pic Alumni

yeah, I think you're getting there. fun concept. like the others said, if the mushrooms looked more like they were from an authentic botanical book it would sell the joke better. something like:

you could maybe even find some creative commons images to manipulate.

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Please take the following as constructive criticism. I think you jumped the gun a bit on this one. I'd be very surprised if this printed or even received a decent score.

Your concept is gold, and I'd love to wear this shirt, given the art was up to scratch. Assuming this doesn't print, I'd thoroughly encourage you to take another look at it, reworking the illustration style, or, if you're not confident enough in your abilities, to collab with another already established artist.

My thoughts are this would work well with a modern and fun, but authentic botanical style, as mentioned above. Also, there are so many places to find great examples of those little 'Fig.1' things in incredible, old handwritten styles. The font you've chosen for your sub makes me feel sad.


Yeah, sometimes you get too excited to see it up for scoring and too eager to get onto the next design that you submit it without it being the best it can be. I still have those issues sometimes, but I have been getting better at not submitting at 3am when im dead tired of working on it after being off work, and I wait until morning to look at it again before submitting. This concept is really cool, but I do agree with mike

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i don't want to be a dick but i far prefer the original to the one that got approved. whoever made that call has different ideas than i.

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Awesome concept, but I agree with the others that you maybe got ahead of yourself here. With an appropriate and up to standard illo, this could have a real shot. In fact I'm going to be cheeky enough to offer and say if you decide to do this again and want a hand I'd love to collab with you on it to try get it right- let me know.

nico's bagpipes
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I think I need to take a step back from this one for a bit. I'd be open to the possibility of a future collab.


I like the style of the art work. Only suggestion I would make is better composition of the objects in the work.

I think the hardest part is knowing when to stop working on a piece. Sometime you can spend too much time and other times you rush. Of course, Challenges add a yet another twist. A balance is best. Lastly review the evolution of your design. Sometimes the last one is not the best. These are lessons learned (and still learning).

Good Luck,


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Agreed with those above.

The concept here is super solid and stands a good chance of printing, but the art just wasn't there yet. I'd definitely say hammer it out in the ways recommended above and re-sub.

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