Let's Jam - Up for scoring, please vote and/or comment!

Hi everyone,

I took a hiatus from designing t-shirts, but I thought I would give it another shot. Here is my latest, now up for scoring! I would truly appreciate any scores or comments.

Watch this

Nice design! I'd say just add some highlights to the jars and some shadows beneath them. While it's pretty much the same concept as that other submission they are pretty different styles, plus that one was never printed.

matterrr said:


ha, yeah. don't fret, though. it happens a lot. it's a clever idea!


I dont see why you still cant submit it. Yours is edgier instead of cute like the other submission. I would say, add glare on the jars to make them look like jars. I love the dripping effect, add some to the drummer, and shadows on the ground.

You might want to check if you can still submit this because idk the rules lol


I will add some more depth to the jars and work on the line art. Thanks!


Just wanted to update that it's up for scoring! Thanks.

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