How much of your income do you spend on rent?

I know not things of the Real World™

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This blog is relevant to my interests.

I'm hoboing around the world at the moment, but when I come back I'm really hoping to room with a good friend for $400 a month. I have no idea if this is cheap or expensive, because I'm also oblivious about the Real World™

Steve The Great

Geeze, I can't imagine an apartment as cheap as $400 around here. Good ol' government bubble.

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Rent here in London is typically £1,056 a month on an average figure handed out in the news yesterday but then again this country is on the fast track to self destruction with its rising costs of living. Its the reason why i can't live there, that is almost two thirds of my salary before i have even thought about food, bills etc etc.

As is i have to travel into work at vast expense i hate it here

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Mine would about 50% my income. However I do have a husband and we have a roomate get some rent from. But then LA and OC is expensive



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Every major city in Australia is within the top 20 highest cost of living ranked cities in the world. Better than Norway & Switzerland, but worse than the UK, which first makes an appearance with Bristol in at 27th. Funnily enough, a US city doesn't come onto the list until Washington D.C. at 65th, and only has 4 others in the top 100.

I say it's funny coz all I hear about is how much of a recession the US is in, but when you look at the figures, they have such comparatively low living costs. All we hear about in Australia is how we dodged the GFC, but the price of living has skyrocketed here over the last 5 years. I don't get it, but I'm not an economist, I'm just a schlub trying to make ends meet.

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Rent would be 50 percent of my income but I split it with my girlfriend to make it 25 percent. The main pain for me is my student loans (20 percent of my income) THANKS OBAMA ;)

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Oh and rent is 850 here in round rock. This is extraordinary for the area. The guy that lived here before took a sledge hammer to the place so they renovated it and lowered the rent in order to bring in more applicants to choose a responsible tennant. I got super lucky.

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Wow Kim, that's crazy. Are the salaries any higher to compensate?

tragos said:


almost the same. Sometimes I would appreciate if we would all start to jump from tree to tree again. Seriously.

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I pay 587.35 dollar rent. And my income is 874.50 dollars.

So that's around 70 procent. Needless to say I can't get by.

I have 22 dollars per week left to buy food, clothes etc.

Unfortunatly you can't just move to another house here, If I want a cheaper house I have to stand in line for it for 8 years.

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I don't pay rent anymore but when I did it was about one third of my income. Except when I was studying or unemployed, that's when my rent was about 101% of my income.

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moosabman, salary is quite okay. they have standard in terms of salary here, no matter what work you do you almost have the same wage. The problem is they don't allow part-times if you get caught sure they will send you back home and ban for working again. Lucky me i can do freelance some time, that's different. Though food is also expensive here than other countries i guess. But that's okay, no easy life anyways. :-D Just have fun guys, i assume all of us love our work here in the field of Arts. . .


My rent's around $600 & the location is awesome. I can walk to so many things. But I do have 3 roommates. You'd have to be loaded to live here on your own.

working a minimum wage part-time while I finish school = negative dollars. But Boston's great and not always super expensive, do recommend.

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We're looking at places right now and they're ranging from 800 to over 1000. 800 if it's ghetto though. I don't make enough money to even cover half of that. :(


10% of my yearly income (post-tax) goes toward rent.


where you @ Jordan?

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Auckland, New Zealand is terrible in regards to rents and homing. anywhere near the city that isn't a completely rat hole is about $400-$700 per week. My rent is currently $2,200 a month, includes the rent and water(Auckland also charges to supply water to your house)


We bought a foreclosed house about 4 years ago. It was built in the 70s so the aesthetic is horrible but everything structural is new and we've been making it pretty over the years. With taxes and insurance, it's only about 18% of our combined incomes. Owning is so much cheaper here but it's saving for the down payment of a house that sucks!


It's probably around 50%-60% here in Philly. In Tennessee, it was 25%-30%.

Sometimes I miss living in Tennessee.


Luckily, I only pay 100 in rent because I love with grams :) I dont think I would be able to make it on my own as I have student loans which is 15% of my income and other expenses. I am in hot arse Arizona...

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i pay about 1500$/mo for rent plus utilities... about 40% of my income


I rent out a small 2br house with my boyfriend in central Austin for $1175. Rent keeps going up here though because Austin has like a 99% occupancy rate or something, and people keep moving here. Moving is a huge pain.

jet approves

About 30% after taxes, including utilities.

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Tennessee's cost of living is very affordable. 25-30%

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£650 per month + Ctax £120 so about $1170

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Cost of living is pretty cheap where I live but wages are extremely depressed. My rent is 40% of my income.

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It's smart to keep your rent costs below 30% of your total income. Beyond 35% is not ideal.

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Poeha, i'm from Philippines. Nope, they don't allow foreign workers to do part-time jobs not unless you apply for citizenship here. But Singapore is a Great place so somehow i enjoy it here.

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tragos said:

where you @ Jordan?

Plano (dfw area) of Texas. We at LEAST need a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom. Sadly, most of the apartments around here require you to make 3x (or more) the rent just if you want to live there. That doesn't make sense to me. If we WERE making 3x the rent a month, it would come to about $3000. Why, then, would we choose an apartment over a house?

If you were single, and you only needed a studio or 1 bedroom apartment, that would be around $600 around here. Times that by 3 and that's $1800. I can't think of anyone my age that makes that much a month. How do these places get any business??


It's nearly impossible to get a studio in the Boston area for under $1000. Gotta have roommates.

Agreed on how ridiculous it is to secure a lease initially.

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Don't even get me started. Time Warner Cable has monopolized the entire area and it's a dealbreaker if an apartment only carries it. This one place we looked at, every apartment was wired for basic cable and you HAD to pay for it. Even if you didn't own a TV and you couldn't even watch, you'd be paying $70 a month.

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$432 a month (converted from pounds) so 3 Threadless wins a year pretty much covers my rent and makes freelance life super chill


I think our rent is about 31% of our income. Seattle is not cheap, especially living in city. It helps that we both work full time, recently paid off our credit card debt in full and have no kids.


i just get by on my looks o___o


I would love to live on my own, but I just cannot do it with all the stuff i have to pay each month. Will be paying off my car soon so that should free up about $300 a month! :)

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Luckily we don't have any credit card debt and we own both our vehicles. Unfortunately it's the shitty jobs that are holding us back. Not enough to support 4 people. I half heartedly want him to go back into the military LOL jk. that sucked.

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