feedback please...

Hi everybody,

My design was declined because Threadless "feels" it needs more work. =(
Can anyone please give me some pointers as to what else I can do with it?

Thanks a lot!
my design...

Watch this
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is this the same as the other blog you have?

this is actually a really solid concept, but the artwork just isn't up to par, sorry. most obvious is the bottom - it's just cut off - how do you plan on making this sit on a shirt? thent here's the line work which is too simple and potentially needs some line work. and lastly, it's seriously lacking in detail - it needs shadows/highlights to give it depth, textures in the sand etc etc. I don't know what you're using to do this, and what your skill levels are, but like i say this is a very solid workable concept - if you feel a little out of your depth and want some help, ask an established artist who's work you like if they will collaborate with you. I'd suggest giving it your best shot first though. good luck


It is the same one.. I thought I deleted the other one but apparently it didn't work.. :/

thanks for your feedback.. it's very helpful.. it's the first time for me here and I don't have much experience in graphics yet but I'm quick learner.. :)

thanks again..


Yeah, don't let the decline get you down. On my old account I think it took me like 3 times before I got my first design accepted. There's a little bit of a learning curve when you first start subbing here. I'm still learning myself. That's the key I think. Try to learn and improve with each sub.

Digsy gave you some good advice. Think of ways to help the design sit well on a t-shirt. Check out printed designs to get a feel for what works. I don't know what program your using, but check out the tips and tricks section in the blogs, or the art and design section for helpful info. Also youtube and online searches for tutorials can help out with the learning a lot. Goodluck moving forward.


Thanks.. I'm using Illustrator and Photoshop.. Actually I had a few versions with some textures and stuff but I liked the plain simple one better. Obviously I was wrong... :P


Just like digsy said good concept here you just need decent artwork! Keep trying to improve it you will get there! I look forward to an update :)

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