Sound System - (re) SCORING

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soloyo profile pic Alumni

I can already see this getting printed

rhobdesigns profile pic Alumni

love your style! can't wait for this one!


Nice! Another hit!

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

The label looks so real I could touch it. I did touch it. Very fine rendering.


I love this design! It is so creative and clever. I would totally buy this!


Wow..Looks it !!!


Wow! this is very beautiful! I think instead of a label or starts which might "take" away from the vinyl feel, maybe add a space shuttle/rocket with a jet trail so it will mimic the "feel' of the vinyl needle...:)


This is an amazing design speakerine! Great job man! There is one kind of like it on the shop but I still hope yours gets printed as there are quite a bit of differences! :)

EZFL profile pic Alumni

I really love it as-is. If you do add in planets, i'd try keeping them all b+w. I also wouldn't add any labels. Or if you do, keep the type very minimal and on the small side.

This is a print for sure.

EZFL profile pic Alumni
speakerine said:

dont know if people will get it whithout planets??

Any way you could incorporate a record label/logo? I think if you did that it would be easily understood by everyone... maybe the recording company could be "Le Soleil Music Group" or something along those lines. Other info that's common on record labels could all relate directly to the sun's characteristics; play time = sun's age, rpm = suns rotation time, etc. Again, i'd keep the type minimal and small so that it doesn't take away from the main graphic, but adds a little something extra for those who study it.


Amazing dude! Are you going to sub it soon so I can give it a 5$ ;)

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