Which ps brush to use?? :D

Watch this
BurritoGoblin profile pic Alumni

d'aww :D I pretty much use the default set of 'Dry Brush' in photoshop and then adjust them to my liking or use other artists' finely crafted brushes, like Ray Frenden's

moosabman profile pic Alumni

wow, thanks for the link Mitch! I've been looking for something just like that.


MITCH?? TRIPLE WOW.. let me just Bow... :D Love your art.. and a specially the fact that you took the time to reply and to HELP!

BurritoGoblin profile pic Alumni

haha no problem, everytime I get a new PC I always need to rebuild my brushes so out of habit, that's what I've settled on :)


Me too I bought the Frenden set and I'm using it right now for the Hulk submission. :)

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