tmnt submission is still not up and no email from threadless. Help!

My submission is still not up and I submitted it with two days left in the comp. I am getting concerned as I put quite a bit of effort into the design. Will my design still show up? Sorry I do not know how this regularly goes because this is my first sub. Thanks all!

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No, I was told on the forums that I would not receive an email until my design was put up for scoring...


I lied I did get an email. (Turns out I had an alternate email set up here for some reason... Sigh...) I assume this means that it will be up in the next couple of days. Thanks


But still I think yours is taking unusually long. My one and only submission took 5 days. I am still new here so not sure whats up!

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When did the comp close? Most subs make it up within a day of that. I would check your spam make sure you don't have another email, otherwise email tless and ask

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