Shredder Thread

Hello everyone.
I wanted to start a thread that showcases art that's been slapped on to the bottom of skateboards. Post up your favorites, and we'll all say "sick board" together!

I'll start this off with the Gonz..
Company: Vision
Pro: Mark Gonzales
Artist: Mark Gonzales
Year: 1987

Gonz Color My Friends

Watch this
BeanePod profile pic Alumni

I have always loved Gonz and Neil Blender's artwork. Coffee Break from 1986 is one of my all-time faves. I'm old...


oh, that's by robert gould. love his style

JacquesMaes profile pic Alumni

Always liked some of the Chocolate skateboard series by Even Hecox (?), the chill colors and mellowness of the designs..

Back in 2001:

More recent series:

wearecareful profile pic Staff

Really dig the Zombie Nomz board and it's also one of my fave shirts

Musarter profile pic Alumni

I always loved the old Powell Designs. The Ripper is a classic:

Anything by Pushead is pretty awesome too:

sweet n sour
sweet n sour profile pic Alumni

forbidden planet 101 awesomeness

Dan Yingling

My first deck. 1989. Run over when it escaped me while riding it to deliver newspapers. Art: Sean Cliver

Musarter profile pic Alumni

That's awesome. My first real skateboard deck was this Cab:

And this photo of a McGill deck is just great:

My favorite deck I ever had was a mid-90s McGill deck that had a nose that was bigger than the tail.

wearecareful profile pic Staff

I thought Vision was the greatest thing ever in the 80's

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I'm putting this in here partially because it's rad but also because Scott was one of the best friends I have ever had and we always talked about making the "pro" move which he did. I didn't and there are plenty of times I wish I had gone with him.

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Dan, I got to skate vert with Cab back in 2001, then had a chatted for a while afterwards at a bar. I'm sure he thought I was crazed-fanboy, I had so many questions. Such a chill guy, such a legend. Great decks!


Currently riding the green one..


Whoa! Amazing contributions. I will have to find some of my favorites and post them here as well.

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I found this in a thrift store in Cleveland for $4. Can't go wrong with that price and that artwork.


Ed Templeton, nuff said.

JacquesMaes profile pic Alumni

^^ Love Ed Templeton's work, especially those little portrait statues. He's had a expo here a couple times.

My brother had this board (in blue) back in the 80ies, used to downhill the neighborhood on it when I was a little kid..

And this is what I wasted my time on as a teenager, not so interesing graphical wise, but it'll make some good bbq firewood some day...

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BeanePod said:
robotboot said:

I broke my left arm on a vert ramp while riding this board.

well it is a cool board to break your arm on.


First time I noticed Michael Sieben's work was on the Volcom Artists' section on their site. His was some of my favourite. I really liked Habitat's graphics.


the skateboards i messed around with as a kid looked something like dis:

_EffinSweet_ profile pic Alumni

oh yeah and chocolate skateboards always make me happy

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