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I'm just wondering, since there were 23 shirts printed for the Iron Man contest...

  1. Is there a set number of shirts that are chosen to be printed, or is it just a matter of the Threadstaff saying, "Let's print all the ones that we really like"?

  2. How many of the artists of said printed shirts get the full prize that's listed? For instance, in the Regular Show contest, does only the Grand Prize winner receive the $2,500, gift code and swag bag? Or is it another random integer?

  3. When it says that other shirts that are printed will be compensated based on the product and quantity of the printed design, does that mean that it will be in accordance with the standard manner of compensation for the ongoing Threadless contest?

These are my questions. I would love to get some answers. Just let me know if they're accurate, or if you're just making fun of me. I can take it.

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fightstacy profile pic Alumni

My understanding is that there is one winner of the grand prize.

In the Iron Man contest there were two grand prizes, one for the best design, and one for the best collaborative design, ..I believe the other 21 entries were treated as if they were regular Threadless prints, ($2,000 cash $500 Threadless credit)

At least this is what i've gathered from talking to some of the contest entrants.

Morkki profile pic Alumni

I thought the non-winner prints (the ones that are dtg at least) in the Disney/Marvel contests just get 10% royalties?

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