Project Files. Piece dissection.

As a beginner, still bumbling my way around Illustrator, I really enjoy it when people post process/development sneak peaks of their pieces. Those 'behind the scenes' pics that show it all coming together step by step are very insightful.

Has anyone ever shared a whole project file for people to download and dissect a finished piece? It's probably a step too far and I doubt it, but worth asking. I've said it before but I'll say it again, I'm here to learn and improve my own work and always appreciate the help of the community.

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I too would be willing to share a PSD file. My Illustrator files tend to be sloppy and they may cause more confusion than help.

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PSDs, not STDs, I hope.


Great!! I'd definitely love to have a peak if you can upload them? Thanks guys.


Thanks a lot!

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Looking at my PSDs. none of them are particularly interesting. ..there's a layer at the very bottom with my pencil drawing, ..then a layer for each colour I use, then a layer with my finished linework., every colour layer has its transparent pixels locked. ..that's pretty much it.


Sounds the same as me... sketch, colours, linework. Though I'm not sure what you mean when you say 'transparent pixels locked'.

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My illustrator files are pretty well organized, and with minimal layers. I've learned to save my progress in stages... for Greetings From Outer Space I have 12 illustrator documents.

My Photoshop files are some-what organized too. Everything is labeled and I usually keep duplicate layers in a folder underneath a locked layer named background.


Bump. xiv, would you be kind enough to share an illustrator file? Anyone else?

Though there are no hard and fast rules and everyone has their own methods of doing things, I think what I'm really trying to discover is a general workflow that I could follow whilst I'm learning. Kind of a 'do this for this reason, do this for that reason' step-by-step thing. Due to a lack of experience, I can find myself stuck with the simplest of problems for a long time which as you might imagine is mightily frustrating.

I'm very much open to the idea of a collaboration if anyone is interested? I have ideas and could be involved as a kind of secondary artist, asking questions in context to someone who could bestow some knowledge.

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