Trying to add my Image to the template

Hey Guys, I am trying to add my image to the t-shirt template but it doesnt look right. Can someone help me out? Right now it's over the t-shirt layer but its faded and the t-shirt isnt the color I want and all the "eyes" to turn the t-shirt color on or off are highlighted pink.....?

Watch this

In the layers menu on the right of the screen, click down on the Tee folder, and then the Colors folder, then out of all the colors shown click the one you want so it has the eyeball icon showing next to it and only that one. Then click and drag the layer with your design on it (should be titled "Your Design") and move it all the way to the top of the layers menu. That should make sure it doesn't have that see-through effect. Hope that helps!


Think it has something to do with the layer mode is on multiply or normal or one of those lol


Oh yeah, I get that issue too (I just completely remove the folder and place my image there instead)

But yeah, as Wolfgang8885 said, it's cause of the layer mode of the folder given.


I did all of those things it just doesnt look right still, its on normal, I want it to look like the exact image but I want it to look like its ON the shirt not just on top of it. The weird thing is where the eyes are to turn off and on, i ONLY have the red one on but the rest of them are off and all the boxes are highlighted pink...what? lol


oh well this is my first submission ever I will just go with it lol thanks!

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