You're Growing On Me - Petri Dish Finished Scoring! 3.15


The microscope got 3.25
the petri dish 3.15


I finally got around to subbing the petri dish concept
it's now up for scoring here:


Lab Partners is now up for scoring:
Thanks for the support and advice so far!

Lab Partners


Not sure which Tee colour to go with!




Hi, this is a design very much at the embryonic stages!
Apologies for the rough sketch.

So it's based on lab equipment love.

A petri dish and culture
A microscope and slide
A bunsen burner and trivet

(alternatives for the text would be the bunsen burner saying "thanks for all the support" and the petri dish saying "You're really growing on me".)

What do you think, is this worth me working on further and then submitting or is it a bad idea?
Does it need all three groups or shall I focus on just one of them?

All feedback welcome, thanks :)

Watch this

No need of groups all in one Tshirt...just one design in 1 Tee....awesome idea btw..sure work on it...w8ing to see this!


Here is an update of the "petri dish" portion of the design :)

I think this probably does need the other lab equipment along side it, so that people recognise it more, so I'm going to try drawing a microscope and slide next.

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Instead of saying "you're dishy" maybe try, "What a dish!" aka "attractive female" although you would have to switch what the two are saying. :)

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Oops. Sorry, in order for it to make sense, the dish would have to be a girl saying "you're so cultured!" and the specimen would have to be the boy saying "what a DISH!"


You are right that "What a dish" does sound better than "you're a dish". Although here in England I've only ever heard the phrase used referreing to men, never to women. "He's so dishy".


It's a weird word, looking it up it seems that it can be used to refer to a man or to a woman, but usually referring to a man. So I'm not sure what to do. Unless I take the eyelashes off and leave the sex of the petri dish and the culture as ambiguous!

Thanks for the feedback though, something to consider! :)

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That one is looking good. I actually think the joke is better with the Microscope and that design may have more potential. Great idea and work so far.


Very funny and clever! I like them :)


Thanks for the comments. I'm thinking of trying something with all three on, in a lab setting. will see how I get on. I'll put them all up here before I submit them, because the feedback is so helpful :) (PS I haven't forgotten about the hat design, I just needed a break - I've drawn 91 hats now, haha)

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On this side of the pond, I don't think I've ever heard people referred to as "dishy." Interesting how culture plays into this, no pun intended. These are all strong concepts, though. Nice work.


cutely done chaymation...but i've to admit more fun is in the microscope idea...this one will be a good side the microscope...the same style u used is good


thanks again for the support, will try to get the microscope element finished off today :) Update later :)


I find them really cute ! :) would love to see them on scoring !

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these are all great, i would def keep them on three separate shirts though - i think trying to cram them all into one will lose a lot of the appeal. i like the microscope the best - it reads clearer than the petri dish - but i'm really looking forward to the bunsen burner.

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More great work. Love the series. Definitely think the microscope concept is stronger because it's more visually interesting.

You did a great job with the petri dish, especially since there's so little to work with. Maybe you can have a culture swab saying the dishy line and have the bacteria saying the cultured line.


Final question. Threadless don't have that particular green background as one of the Tee options, so which of the following do you think is best? (I might include all three on one of the slides, but I can't decide which is the best one for the "main" image).

Thanks again :)


@kuro_te thanks - will look into the swab idea. :) Going to sub the microscope one on its own first :)


Right, I've submitted the red version, with blue, green and black as alternative colour options. :) Will post a link when (if?) it goes up for voting!

Thanks again for all the feedback!

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Great work. Looking forward to see these up for vote.


The design looks great! I like the Green or blue t-shirt.


Great concept!

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Voted! My choice would be the red or blue. I think the colors work best on those.


This is truly magnificent! Would love to wear it!


Just finished scoring and it got 3.25 Not sure what is considered decent but it's the highest I've managed so far, so I'm happy :) thanks for the comments and suggestions and votes everyone.

I might sub the petri dish one with a little more work, and also create the bunsen burner one, see how those do. :)


I never know where to promote stuff now. I put an update on the thread, and did the usual facebook and twitter stuff, but it's hard to make sure the community see it!

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Glad to see this finally up. Voted!


Very cute and clever. I really like the microscope and slide one. Great choice on the blue for the petri dish, too. :)


Well the petri dish got 3.15 which is lower than the 3.25 for the microscope. (But I still have a soft spot for it because of the simplicity and awful puns!)

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