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Declined design from the Mickey Mouse competition - Please Help!

Hello Everyone,
I submitted this design for the Threadless Mickey Mouse competition. My design was rejected, though I am not sure why. It was all hand drawn, with the colours later added in Photoshop. I am new at submissions, and want to know what I could have done to have my design approved. I would love to hear any feedback! Thanks so much in advance.
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Well the white boxy background on the shirt doesn't help and the text doesn't look great either (and may be unnecessary altogether).


I agree about the boxy border as I am still learning photoshop. Is there a way to properly blend the background? If so what are the steps as I am having difficulties figuring this out. I had the lettering to explain the drawing. I felt that if I left it out people would not get the concept.


as a general rule, if you need to spell out your concept in text, it's not strong enough and you need to make it clearer through the artwork, not write it out. personally i think this probably was recognisable enough to have done away with the text, but the box is still an issue. if you're i photoshop and you're using layers (each colour should be on a separate layer), you should be able to just remove the white background image by hiding it, but it's hard to tell without knowing how you're working really.

i think it was a good idea and you just need more practice to get used to the software and how shirts work around here - i recommend spending some time looking at what has printed and getting a feel for how the shirt works as a canvas.

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I agree the white box is ugly looking on the shirt and the text doesn't do it any justice either

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