Hey everyone,

I've currently got a new sub up for scoring for the Dead Island Riptide Comp.
I tried posting a W.I.P blog on my profile, alas it never worked.
Unfortunately this is another shameless self promotion blog.
Below is the basis of how I created my latest submission.

Exhibit A (painted skull):

Exhibit B (final design):

Please click EXHIBIT B (above) in order to vote on my design.
Hope you all like it and please leave feedback on the design to what you think of it.




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JIMDAHOUSECAT profile pic Alumni

Thanks man :) ... I was planning to do more subs for this competition but i ran out of ideas. I absolutely love the subs so far.

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

This is the second crazy post I've seen tonight where someone painted their design with real media. What's happening to this world?

The design looks great with nice color choice. I had already voted for this before you made the blog.

JIMDAHOUSECAT profile pic Alumni

Thanks, I think there's only so much you can replicate digitally. The sail boat and the trees are vector but I couldn't replicate the painted style without actually painting it. In addition my experimentation has generated a lot of Photoshop brushes (scanned paint strokes) which I can use in future designs.


Dig this! Love seeing how a piece is pulled together. Great stuff!


$5!! ($_$)/

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