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Adobe Illustrator

Hello folks,
Just honing my skills on Adobe Illustrator. Wondering if any of you guys have an effect or a tip/trick that you use all the time with awesome results?

Best of luck getting printed!

Watch this

I use a lot of coffee. And fudge,too.Makes everything awesome.


LOL LOL. I'll have to give that a shot!


I'm anti-effects. will always get a better result, rendering things by hand. ..for one you have far more control.

As for getting awesome results.. unfortunately, there's only one way, ..practice.


haha! So @mechanicalrobotpower, you start by hand, then do you scan it into photoshop to get it going after that? I kind of do a little of both, sometimes I do illustrator only illustrations and sometimes I draw it then scan it in to illustrator. I do agree that it seems like you get a more composed illustration when you start by hand. Atleast for me...


But I think i'm going to try the fudge technique too LOL


how are you liking illustrator? I am currently using corel painter 12


All the ones I have done, I hand draw first, just like a rough sketch. After that I scan it into illustrator and work from there with layers.


I really like illustrator. For some reason I find it easier to use than Photoshop...But you miss out on some of the effects that you get with Photoshop. I think I tried Corel Painter once but I'm just a big fan of the Adobe interfaces. Most of them are very similar with alot of the same tools so if you learn 1, you are essentially learning the basics to all of them. Which is pretty cool.

I'm starting to hand draw more. I find that I get a better look to it and the composition is better. I'm going to keep honing my sketching skills too.

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