THREADSTAFF: Current Print Statistics?

So back in the day, Shimala and/or Skaw used to hop in the forums and let us wee little artists know what sort of average score printed, and other fun stats. And I was thinking, what with the new scoring system (no more 0's, no more "i'd buy it"), it might be nice to know what sort of way that has affected average scores, average print scores, average amount of 5's for printed designs and so on. I know it takes time to gather those stats, but i'd love to read about it at some point.


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and me as well.


since threadless insists on displaying the non-optional AVG SCORE in your profile, how about dropping all the zero scores out of that since its no longer accurate? Or better yet, reset it entirely. Or continue posting lies, whatever.


Oh it's the Ste7en guy with the shameful print/submit ratio

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