MSCED Project Last Day - I DID IT!! - One Month Culmination Collage :D

This has been one of the best things I've done for myself in a long time and highly recommend everyone to do it.

Thought I'd make one last piece using stuff that I've created til now to make one giant collage.

The bottom half is to remind me to always "MAKE" and never stop!

May 8 - Month Culmination Collage!

May 7 - We have the technology....we can fix him. Plus also I felt guilty :)

May 6 - Classy Day At The Beach

May 5 - Creepy Old Sub Comes To The Surface

May 4 - A Whale Of An Accident

May 3 - My Bread Can't Hold Its Liquor

May 2 - Tiny Zen Garden

May 1 - Just some rock people :)

April 30 - Quick Box Tractor at Play-Doh Farm

April 29 - Exposing dandelions for what they really are.

April 28 - It says four times!

April 27 - drunk and smokin' Dan Drehobl....quit doin' frontside inverts all over my house!!

April 26 - I ROCK!

April 25 - Crocodile Rock (sn: some rocks are really, really hard to draw on)

April 24 - 2'x3' Mosaic made with box of tiles that has been in our garage since we bought the house and an old piece of plywood.

April 23 - Just some fun with a bag of outlet and light switch covers that I found.

April 22 - Something's Wrong With Our New Bird

April 21 - Disgruntled Box Bot is sooo over it.

April 20 - Arrrgh, Ma Belly!!! My wife volunteered her belly and her stage make-up kit.

April 19 - Double Fuse Box Garage Bot

April 18 - Left over part of a shipping box becomes Tiny Fridge!

Sandra wanted to make one too so she used her money from her piggy-bank to make
"The One-Way Express" train car.

April 17 - Doodled up weird looking spot on old table in the garage.

April 16 - Suburban Jolly Roger

April 15 - Sandra's toys are creepier when photographed through shipping tubes.

April 14 - play-doh and beer caps = Baby Lager-head Turtle

April 13 - battery terminal brushes, beads, glue, roofing nails, electrical tape = Tiny Daleks!!


April 12 - Time to PARTAY! (we acquired a lot of lamps recently)

April 11 - Rise of the Gourdonaut!

April 8th - Robbie the Roller Skating Robart!!

Made from roofing nails, an old board, part of a door, sign vinyl and some colored pencils & staples)

April 9 - Add a monster to the random thrift store painting in the garage.

April 10 - wood block, paint, stamps, old newspaper = TINY COLLAGE!

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Really cool! Digging the toys through tubes!

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Those outlet covers are too cute. :-D


of course you know stache outlet is my fave :{D


Just dawned on me that the upper right outlet-cover thingy-ma-jig looks like a panda :)


They're up & coming...they're in talks to open for Noodly Boobs at Fauxchella


taps Perry annoyingly on the face

taps Perry annoyingly on the face some more



Cyclops with monocle & stache in undies is my new hero!

BlancaJP profile pic Alumni

I just saw these their great !!! I love all the robots and the light switch covers are too cute and the lamp and.... everything :) now I'm sad I missed following it as you were going :(

macdoodle profile pic Alumni

So much fun stuff Perry!

BeanePod said:

^ Thanks and looking forward to following yours.

And Jen, I thought about you when making that cyclops........cause duh.


BlancaJP said:
BeanePod said:


it's every where

not unlike Elvis


Yay! Successful tail surgery! The rainbow lets you know all is right with the world again

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

crazy how fast this month went by !


Oh, man, amazing stuff here!

MudgeStudios profile pic Alumni

Now that is one creative mind at work! Looks like that 30 day challenge really got those gears going. What a Great exercise!


Makes me wish I had some creative gears.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Yayyyyy! Swim on, Mr. Whale, swim on and be happy!


Extra impressive with how busy your life has been lately!!

Musarter profile pic Alumni

Man, these are all over the place and yet, so good. Love Lagerhead Turtle, Exposing dandelions for what they really are, and the tiny Daleks.

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