These look somewhat familiar?

After checking out this website "" I found some shirts that look strangely familiar.
Coincidence?Accident?Rare Occurrence? YOU BE THE JUDGE!

Watch this
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I have accidentally copied an idea before. It was actually the TV one, but it did have some differences just like the two that you posted. It could be a coincidence, however there are striking and obvious similarities with the astronaut and bird one. Have you checked to make sure the same artist didn't create both versions? Artists from Threadless often cross over onto other sites.


that firs DBH one is a definite rip. Not just idea, but the person altered the Threadless one. Look carefully at some of the lines, exactly where there are gaps and detail bits in the threadless, it's the same in the DBH. I actually have that threadless one and it's one of my faves.

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I don't think the first one is necessarily a rip. They might have just used the same reference photo. The television one is an idea that could easily be arrived at by different artists independently.


aha! Guess I'm wrong! Sorryyyyy

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Thousands of artists, Brains a tickin' we are bound to end up with similar concepts but I do agree alot of these are very close. Saying that I have drawn an idea, and I mean I saw it in my head, sketched it, scanned it, inked it and coloured it only to then find out (before posting somewhere) that it wasnt my idea at all and that I had without knowing noticed it somewhere and my brain stored it as my own lol. We do alot of research and sometimes shizzle just gets mumbled in ta brain :)

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