New to Threadless: Need critique/advice :) Whovian-themed design, etc.

I'm Emilie.. and I'm new here. :) I have not submitted above design yet--I would like some feedback beforehand! Any comments and critiques are MUCH appreciated!!

I based this off of Doctor Who, but have some concerns... there are a bunch of Who-related tees in print by Threadless currently, so I decided to give it a shot. But will they not accept it still--since it has the characters and the TARDIS? I wasn't sure if the Whovian designs already on here were only permitted to be printed because of a special challenge or something. Don't want to submit if there will be copyright issues. :)

But there you have it!!

If you guys have any just general words of advice for a newbie like me--not just related to this design--fire away!

Excited to be a part of the great community now.

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Nice idea :), give it depth? shade it out ? :) I keep wondering the same thing u know :) ... it looks diff from the real DW :P so i guess it could be used... but i have no idea ! :) could you please help me out with scoring ? :) Thank you ! :) I Love U !!!


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I figured since it's the back of 10 and Rose's heads instead of their faces it should be fine copyright-wise. X) And I wanted to keep it simple and emphasize the whole cartoonish vibe, but yeah I might add some more shading here and there. :) I'll check out your design for sure!

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It's a nice start. I like the picasso-esque clouds. Maybe you could hide something in them, like a wolf, the writing bad wolf? The back of the doctor is spot on, with the spiky hair and slightly big ears! Maybe make some of the thinner lines thicker, so there's more of a consistent line weight.

Anyway, welcome to threadless and hope that's of some help.



Welcome! I like your design. Your sky concept reminds me a lot of Van Gogh's Starry Night!

Advice? Patience. Don't stop your art. And if you see work like yours here before you show it to the world, look at it as a creative challenge and an opportunity. Pause, take a deep breath and make yours better or different.

Can't wait to see more of your work.

Good Luck -db


Thank you so much, both of you, for the words of advice! Definitely very helpful! I appreciate it :) Getting back to work once more!


What do you guys think of these improvements? Still keeping the cartoonish vibe but added more shading, some darker/thicker lines, and then some hidden messages in the clouds!! Do you guys think it's better?


Instead of writing Bad Wolf there, make a wolf out of the clouds?? the black lines dont make me feel to good.. dont know y .. its getting in the way... smudge it out a little maybe? Hmm cant tell, but on the right thats more of something there in the clouds right? I cant really tell sorry ! but if it is, take it out, for me its tooo much there :) if its not then simplify the line work there and give in more shades rather than detail with lines?

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the style is really personal :) the only advice I want to give you is to keep doing, and continuously improve your style


The river and clouds looks bad in comparison with the rest of your drawing. The amount of detail is inconsistent, try working on your line work and it should look great.


I have some general advice for you, I hope you find it helpful for future designs :)

I think this illustration is probably a little too specific... I'm sure it will appeal to die hard Dr Who fans, but threadless tends to cater to the wider audience of pop culture, with a big focus on top notch execution when it chooses to venture into specific fandoms. I would also encourage you to keep working on your illustration skills, as there are certainly some parts of this that could use work, such as consistent linework, better integration onto the shirt and further exploration of colour theory and shading.

I'm not saying you should worry about any of these things on your current design before you submit it, but that they may be worth thinking about when designing tees in the future, which I hope you continue to do :) See how this goes when you submit it, and take it from there!


Be mindful of your line weight. There is some variation in your work but it isn't very purposeful. Line weight/thickness like color and other design elements can be used to direct the eye around your image.

Also don't be afraid to move on, you've gotten a lot of advise about how to make this better but using the advise on your next piece will likely be more productive and less frustrating than slaving over an illustration you might feel you are already done with.

Good luck!


Good Luck !!! scored yours :)

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