TMNT COLLAB! with hershel "Real Issue" (My first collab) Scoring!

Watch this

This might be lame, but "Shelled Out"? "Turtle Overboard?" "Turtled Over"? ;D


whoa...I have really underrestimated the breathtaking quickness of unicorndinosaurs...

now i´m under some kind of pressure with the stuff i´m working on right now....oh oh....

awesome improvement, it has been a pleasure to work with you!


unicorndinosaurs profile pic Alumni

aw shucks, lol, thank you! This was a lot of fun

unicorndinosaurs profile pic Alumni

So many nice comments on this one now. thanks guys! glad you like


[legal notice]

"monoceratops" is a licensed and registered title for unicorndinosaurs that has been firstly given by mechanicalrobotpower, NZ, Aotearoa.

Don´t sue me, dude. I like you.

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