Please Help!!! I'm looking for some input on this design. Specifically I need ideas on how to best
illustrate the water and how to create a better sense of unity within the design. Please let me know what you think of my overall concept and execution! Thanks bunches!

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Probably don't want to hear this but putting the design on a blue shirt and adding white highlights in the waves/splashes would be the best way to achieve a water affect. The yellow background could maybe work in a sunset scene but that would be more difficult.


I like the concept. Currently it looks like its cutting through ice. I think if you make the submarine's wake more wavy/curved it will look more like water.


Thanks so much for the input! The idea of a sunset hadn't crossed my mind so I think I'll try that. Might help with my unity problem. And I definitely agree with the comment about the ice. Expect an update soon.


I agree with the above comments, but I don't get the concept. I feel like the submarine part needs better detail because right not it looks too stiff. Try to add more detail to it; like nailed patches of metal.


The general concept is that the giraffe is the periscope of the submarine. I agree with your comment about the detailing of the sub. I'll try adding some rivets or other parts to the metal. Thanks!


Oh, duh. I see that. No problem!

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I think the neck of the giraffe looks big than the top deck of the sub, you can add some white and light blue/blue colors on the water. Design looks clean, i really like how you draw the giraffe.

mr deps

i might be missing the point entirely but i think it'd look cooler (it's already pretty cool) if the sub & the giraffe were more mashed up, few more organic bits on the sub, more mech bits on the giraffe etc

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