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Bravest Warriors

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Video Kojima

This was my entry for the bravest warriors contest. It's a bit late for suggestions but if anyone has any c+c to help me improve for next time I'd love to hear it!


It's cute. :) I would have emboldened the line-art more to give it a pop art effect. Or add more details shadows, and outline rings around the characters. The girls is my favorite, and I think it's odd she's the only one with colored in parts. The guy in the yellow part looks like his head's scaled smaller than the others, so he looks a bit out of place.

Video Kojima

Gotcha, thanks for your input!


No problem! And good luck! =)

MildMannered83 profile pic Alumni

I'd say for this particular design, playing with more dynamic angles/views of the characters would help. Since it was pointed out, I also agree about the head-size thing. :-P Good work tho. Keep it up! :-)

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