Suggestions for "Summer Camp"

Any feedback on this design would be much appreciated. It's actually already up for scoring right now, but I wish I would have gotten some feedback before submitting it. If it doesn't get selected, I'd still like to keep working on it.


Watch this

maybe change the name

mr deps

i quite like the yellow on yellow, tis subtle. i think i'd give her longer pigtails though


I go with mr deps, longer pigtails would be better :)


Thanks everyone! I'm enjoying the feedback, especially after taking some time away from looking at it. Long pigtails sounds great, maybe even twisted, or wrapping around the shirt...hmmm...

Boo Rad Lee

Yeah, long pigtails that morph into something else at the bottom? Something more related to summer camp maybe? I like the subtle difference in colors, as well.


I like the yellow on yellow (personal preference) and the hand-drawn quality of the lines. I'm not quite clear on the concept in relation to the title, but the design is the primary focus. Perhaps if you explained the idea behind the title we could help clarify the concept. Good start, just needs some refining (don't we all?). Keep at it!

I too have a critique up if you care to comment – thank you.

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