TMNT Challenge "Shadow destiny" ready for scoring

Hi all,

New here at Threadless.
Have previously played around with pixel art and am new to this medium.
Learning how to use Inkscape.

Here is an early WIP of something I'm working on for the TMNT challenge :

Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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its lookin a little flat right now. also, youre designing for a t-shirt so be aware of the square/boxyness


Thx for the pointers and critique! Have added a t-shirt background to my inkscape workspace to help me gear my design towards t-shirts. Any feedback is appreciated


The turtles are stylized differently than the shadows are I think... maybe try giving the turtles a little more detail? I like the concept though!


I agree with Pyro; the turtles could use more detail. I also think the shadow of the ninjas should be inside the border of the bricks that are closer together. It feels like Donatello's staff is like a corner, even though it's clearly not, and I think it might make some difference. I also like the shorter shadow WIP.


Clever concept but design needs more style if you know what I mean :)


Thx guys for your comments, added some detail to the turtles. Donatello and his staff stuck out like a sore thumb when you pointed it out! thx! Made Donatello hold the staff closer to his body.


No problem. It's much better now, but now with the color coating, the shadows don't match up to the turtle's positions.


i really like this alot. the shadow looks great. looking forward to see the final design

Robo Rat
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The idea is great but I would suggest, if you can make the turtles and the wall, a bit 2-dimensional. :D


Thx for the comments guys @HopeWish The positions were kinda random to start out with, I'll see what I can do to improve this @jOlv thx! @Robo Rat Yea, think i'll just flatten the shading, was asking about submissions in another thread, and it's probably better i flatten / half-tone them.


Made the shadow casting a little more real, and flattened the color on the turtles to make them more 2d.

Think this will go through if i sub it now ?

Thx in advance,


black and white is awesome !! but the onw where you have shaded the wall green and the turtles r green too ! :) I hope im not too late :) could you help me out with scoring please? I Love U !!


" Here's why:

We hate declining submissions! We hope you take these decline reasons to heart, use them to rework your submission, and resubmit. We're looking forward to seeing your new and improved design! "

I'm ok with it being declined, but there doesn't seem to be a reason! Any thoughts guys? so I can do better next time

Thanks in advance!

Idk why some designs get rejected... I've had a few... I really like your design in black and white and color i'd wear it! It's cute great concept!


This is a cool design. The only thing I can think of is maybe have the turtles trying to pose like their respective shadows. If you make them look like they are trying hard to pose, they will look cute as they are struggling to pose and also match their shadows more.

But if you didnt do that, it would still be a cool idk...Maybe add a title below the turtles? "TMNT"


Thx for your kind words!

Like the turtles posing idea but won't have time to draw it up unfortunately. I decided to change the design a bit and added a title TMNT.

Resubmitted it and hopefully it gets into the challenge on time!


Really awesome. I liked the coloured one with the coloured shells a lot! Make sure each colour lines up with the right turtle though!


Really awesome. I liked the coloured one with the coloured shells a lot! Make sure each colour lines up with the right turtle though!


The newest design looks really good :)

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This design has really taken shape! Good luck!!


I like the new design, good job and good luck!


Hey. I think the design that got rejected was amazing! I would totally buy that. I really liked your concept - and liked seeing the changes you made after getting some critiques. To be honest, I like it a LOT more than the resubmitted one. Unfortunately, as a relatively new artist, I cannot help you with why it was rejected. Good luck with the rework.


Hey awesome work...I like the shortess shadow one..I would suggest you completely re-design the little turtles to some-what match their shadow positions.

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