Work in progress. Opinions, please

Well, I'm making this for the Sports Challenge, and not sure if it's finished

Water Polo

The 3 colors verson is maybe for an "RalphLauren' style embroidery

Watch this

Great idea, made me smile. I think i agree with above, more needs to be happening but it looks great anyway. Oh and I'm new to this, what are you using to create your design?


I've been using photoshop (as I can use it at college) but which would you say produces the best designs, illustrator or photoshop or does it depend what you actually want to do?

berlynhubler profile pic Alumni

I love the concept and the style! maybe the players need to both be trying to hit the ball?

Alex Fienemann

I'd agree with the stiff comment, but I love the textures!


Only on the close up can you appreciate the textures. I think it's missing a bit of shadow. Good luck!


Cool! Maybe it needs another player to be involved so there is more dynamics going on in the design.


hm, scoring ended.......... i suggest u to make a thick outline for next projects...... can u plz rate my project bubble?


I think you should draw the back end of the shark having more movement, with also a thick outline to,,

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