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I would really love for this to print. Would be the first to buy it :D Great stuff.

unicorndinosaurs profile pic Alumni

LOL. inspired by the hatin' on moons and space-men blog? Nice work.

dandingeroz profile pic Alumni

Hi emily thanks! But I didn't know that blog though I will search for that thanks for the info! :D

unicorndinosaurs profile pic Alumni

np. My boyfriend HATES cats. all of my cats. lol. I'd love to make him wear this

Robo Rat
Robo Rat profile pic Alumni

No need to score on this one. It's just a waste of time. They should print this right away. RIGHT NOW!

campkatie profile pic Alumni

perfect pops of color! Congrats on a soon to be print :)

Alex Fienemann

I would totally wear this. The cat has a mix of "let's do this" and "I have no idea what I'm doing" all over his face.

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