Poof! - Critique for submission, please!

Can you let me know what I should do to improve this design (see link below)? Any comment would be appreciated... We tried sending it to Threadless and it was refused... Which way should we go to have a better chance?
Thanks a lot in advance,


Watch this

Hi! I like your drawing, but I think the problem is with the font you have used... I feel they are a bit basic... But I think the idea of having the design go around the shirt is really nice!


The drawing is really nice I like the details I honestly don't think it needs: 'Poof' to be on there. If you really want to do that maybe it should be closer to the treasure chest in a cartoonish font. Good luck!

lifeform987 profile pic Alumni

Yes like Alex said, Poof! when a cartoon fairy summons an item. :)

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