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B but with a softer shadow.


beautiful, yes B.

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This looks good, but you have to work with the shadows a bit more. Now its not proper and too blocky for me, make it subtle and play around with it. Just a suggestion though.

Bio-bot 9000

I still think the shadow is too heavy, and it doesn't match the rest of the style. A dark gray my be preferable to black. Also, you might shrink the overall placement a bit so it's centered more nicely on the shirt.


It isn't straight black, it's the color of the outline (on purpose to hide or blend the outline out on the bottom). Thank you for your opinions, I subbed this a few days ago tho. :/ I'm dreadful with computers so I was pretty happy just figuring out how to do things like overlay texture lol. I'm more of a 'work with my hands' fine art person, but slowly learning!


*errr not a few days. like a day ago. lol. I have lost all sense of time


How about making the drop shadow in the same style as the smokey shape above? That is, if you need it at all. I mean, it feels like the only thing disconnected from the rest of the piece. Smaller placement, chest centered, and that's it for me. This looks pretty cool already, I really dig the textures.


Ouch! Sorry, I should've read your comment. Well, just some suggestions in case you feel like reworking it some day. Keep it up!


I see you submitted it already, but I also agree with the comments on having a smaller placement on the shirt. The dark shadow might actually be lighter in your artwork then it appears, I also agree that a little texture to coordinate with the smokey shape above would be lovely. Overall its a nice design that will definitely get some attention. Hope to see it up for voting soon! :)


lol. Where were you peoples before I submitted!? hahaha jk. Oh, well. If it gets approved I'll see how it does this time around and then make some changes and re-sub. I wasn't crazy about the bottom shadow but at the same time it 'grounded' the piece in a way. I only got 2 opinions ^ but when it was A or B, shadow or no shadow, they all voted B. Thanks for your help guys!

3 designs submitted - Score now!

Sorry I missed this, its looking good.


That is, if you need it at all. I mean, it feels like the only thing disconnected from the rest of the piece.

Here's what it was before the shadow


Yeah, def better without the shadow. But the curvy shape could work too. Maybe something like this?


Wow you did really good with the texture! That's definitely awesome for someone just learning. :)


I like this one!!!

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