Can you still sell your own T shirts if Threadless prints?

I have a very small T shirt line. Does anyone know if you can still sell your T shirts if Threadless picks your design to be printed? In other words, do we have shared rights of work? I looked at their FAQ but I am still a little unclear. Thank you!

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ivanrodero profile pic Alumni

No, you can't keep selling the same design.

Threadless is buying the t-shirt printing rights from you, look at the terms is there... also kind of obvious.

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

Threadless owns the design; the shared rights is that you can sell the design as other things like prints, iphone cases, etc. via Society6 - basically anything besides tshirts

MudgeStudios profile pic Alumni

Has anyone here personally requested to secure the rights to have their Threadless printed design printed on those other misc. items at other POD places like Zazzle? If so, How formal and how long of a process was that? Thanks.

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