Help! I'm trying to prepare my design. (NEW Question!)

"Your submission should be no more than 845 pixels wide, 445 pixels
tall, and 72 dpi."

Why so small? Is it the size for the design for the slides?

"Create a high resolution version of your design. Keep your layers separate."

Hey, guys, I had another question; how are the layers supposed to be submitted? I use GIMP, and I don't know how I should export my file while keeping the layers.
ALSO, I have another problem: One of my slides is 258KB. If I put everything into a compressed folder, would they reduce to anywhere below 250KB?

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Morkki profile pic Alumni

Yes. Your original design file should of course be much bigger, around 300dpi at the intended print size, at least.


Thank Morkki! Phew, I was freaking out there for a second! =P


I adjusted the image quality, and now it's all good (although I don't like the quality, it's not toooo bad). I also was able to change my file into a psd, by just typing it in.Thanks, Scarlett!

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