first submissions closed, good experiment....and the problem with this process... that it takes skilled imagination to visualize how actually a print will look on a real garment, and a real model, and within context of an outfit. Looking at the designs i made for Select, I knew they'd look pretty cool but I really had to visualize it, and I wondered if people could recreate that translation. I've now concluded, Of course some people I'm sure just thought my design was horrible and gave it a 1, but presentation is a gigantic factor. Designers have the capacity to imagine and see what something is going to look like when others cannot, you have to be able to communicate that vision to others...and the tools we are given to do that are very compromised. A valuable lesson, I think sticking to bold, not too complex and straight to the point, no-way-you-wont-get-it graphics is the key to designing for the threadless community...and pretty much what I've seen on here so far. Good to know:) Anyone else had a similar experience?

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I do feel that exactly what you intend, unless mocked up very well, can always be lost from your brain to others, ..but I also feel if you have something strong enough, it will always do as well as you'd hope.

I did vote most of your entries in the Select contest low (certainly not 1's) because I felt they were nothing new, ..I've seen leggings and sweatshirts like them everywhere, ..faux plaid isn't a new thing at all.


All the mock-ups they gave for the select contest are terrible and us newcomers that didn't think of using our own mockups definitely suffered because of it. :/ feel your pain bro

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A strong mock-up/template paired with well laid out submission slides can make a sub-par design stand out.

The more you submit, the better you'll get and the more you will understand the voters. Keep at it and don't give up.


thanx for the input all:) Everyone is entitled to what they like, don't like...that's why i haven't voted on things i didn't like because just because I'm not into it doesn't mean it sucks. And most things on here personally i would never wear myself. Some things are really fun though. response...i actually haven't seen any faux plaids myself, though i don't doubt for a moment they are out there, but plaid is always a popular thing for Fall especially, so i thought it'd be cool to make some plaids for the collection, and put them on some garments we don't hardly seem them on, at least I don't. I wasn't trying to make something mindblowing, just unique and wearable. But like i said, i don't think they look that great from the vision is stifled! haha...anyway it was fun to experiment....and educational to see how a decent design can be given so many ones....I really think i made the mistake of designing for threadless rather than the threadless community...a bit overthought...yaknowwhatimean? i still want those leggings though:)

thanks for the cheerleading Wharton..haha:)


i had to create my files with really low quality to fit within the 250kb parameter for when i had 2 or 3 frames...wish it wasn't so low

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A good design shouldn't really be affected by the low screen resolution for the mock-ups, a great design should look good whther you have saved its as a high res or low res image.

Having said that, everyone scored a load of ones on the select challenge.


I am also newbie and I had to dig real hard to find out some good mockups and for 250 kb had to scratch my head so hard now there are 250 rashes. Ya its tuff but found the way out and its a learning I must say :)


mip...yeah i was just mentioning that as an aside, not saying it was a determining factor, but i had to pick about 50 quality for my bicycle challenge shots:P how do you know everyone scored a load of ones? just curious

sub...yeah i feel ya, it was a crunch....hard to work so hard on something then have to save it in super low quality.

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There was a thread on here a couple of days ago talking about the amount of ones that were being handed out in the select challenge desig s, even the high scoring ones, i think digsy and wharton were saying and they were right

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If it is meant to be for the masses, then it will happen regardless of your score or the amount of ones you get. Threadless decides what makes the cut and your score is just one factor in their decision.

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