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Inspired by the show "Kung Fu."

Please let me know what you think!


(I would embed the image, but for some reason I get errors when I do that)


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I never saw the show Kung Fu, ..but I am aware of the reference, young grasshopper.

I like it, ..I think the outline on the sun is a little extraneous, ...perhaps lose it?

Other than that, I like it, ..I've been meaning to do some martial arts designs, ..this has got me wanting to even more! Good Luck.


Thanks mechanicalrobotpower.

Yeah I was thinking about getting rid of the sun outline. I'll try it and see what it looks like.


Like it, I agree about losing the black outline. Maybe you could try it on a yellow tee and have just the fade of red create the sunset.


Very cool. I like the idea of loosing the line, but not sure how it'll look on light clothing if you did. Try it without the line and also try coloring the line your already used bright yellow. It'll give it solidity as well as help give the illusion that the sun is glowing. Just an idea.

BTW, make sure each of your sun's gradient colors are on separate layers for printing. I already see this being printed. Very few folks wouldn't get the reference. ;) God Speed.


Thanks SEspider! I'll post both versions tomorrow to see which one looks better (no line or yellow line).


Woops... there's a little black left at the bottom... I fixed that already but I won't reupload just to show that small change. Please let me know what you guys think looks better. If it helps I'll try to put it on a shirt in a little bit.



Great translation to the bug world! A few suggestions: Add the other two appendages similar to the top two you already to be true to the insect world. Have an opponent opposite the 'hopper, afraid or taking a stance. Can't wait until its done!

Good luck



Thanks db,

Actually the two top appendages present are the first and second legs from the front side (I forgot to draw in the back ones). So I'll add those in and see if it doesnt make things too complex. I was thinking about having an opponent (in the original drawing there's a praying mantis sparring with the grasshopper), but I decided I liked the idea of flying sidekick over the setting sun better and I'm not sure if adding the mantis into this would be too busy.

Could I get input from other people about whether or not I should try adding the mantis as well? Thanks!


Ok bump with upgrades. There are 2....

  1. Added arms that are not anatomically correct, but fit with the composition a little better:

  2. Anatomically correct arms, but they're a little overly complicated and hard to see from far away....

Can I get votes, from anyone still interested in helping me out, as to which if either of these looks better? I may also just go with the original 2 armed version. :P


Of your last two posted, I like the first one. Much easier to see the arms. I also think it looks better with the solid yellow line around the sun. But that's me. lol

Great job. Seeing the image large helps a great deal. Well done, Little Grasshopper. ^_^


Haha thanks SEspider. I think I'm going to submit this one. The yellow outline is back by popular demand. Can I get a go ahead from anyone?


Ive decided to combine my threads into one so that I'm not mega-spamming the forum (learned the "proper" way from other people's ideas threads). Anyway here is the updated version of my other idea "First Encounter." I redid the shadows again (I may just get rid of them) and added a knight helmet onto the baby to make the concept clearer. Comments please!


they look nice, but it would be great if you can add more "story" factor between them.=)


@momomono thanks, though I'm not sure what you mean by more story factor. Do you mean neither of the concepts are that clear?

Bio-bot 9000
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I think your most recent Grasshopper update is the best so far. To make the reference more gettable, you might throw in some characters (maybe find out how to write "grasshopper" in Kanji or whatever)


Ooo I like that bio-bot! I'll figure it out and give it a try. I'll just have to make sure I find it in Chinese, not Japanese. Thanks!


I found the characters for grasshopper in Chinese, so I'll be trying to work those into the design by Sunday. Can I get any opinions on the baby/dragon idea?

BUMP with new idea (I know I know.... I don't focus) this is maybe for the pixel challenge. Titled "Initial Reality"


I should add ^ is loosely based on the idea of "jobs/classes" in final fantasy.


Personally, I prefer the Grasshopper without the text. I know it'll help make the referance more clear. But I'm worried it may clutter up the image too much or throw the balance off. The cleaner, the better I say.

As for the Baby/Dragon image, I see some changes needed. Great idea giving his a helmet. But it seems too detailed nest to the rest of the image. Ouside of his chest, the baby has zero shading. Brighten his current shading as well as the helmets. Give him more shading, and lighten the ground shadows. They're too distracting. I would just remove the ground shadows all together. I don't think they are needed. To address momomono's concern, I would simply add a little thin smoke coming from the dragon's nose. Not much and fairly light.

I really like your last image. Very clever. But I don't see anyone wearing it. And I think your Black Mage should be wearing a dark gray and not bright blue. ;)


Thanks for all the comments SEspider. I did notice that all the shading on the baby had disappeared between the first and second versions that I made. I'll try toning down his shading and helmet shading a bit and add that wisp of smoke coming from the dragon's mouth.

I see what you mean about the grasshopper, but I'll try putting it together anyway just for my own curiosity. If it doesn't look good I'll just submit the current version with yellow outline.

I figured the last image might be a stretch, but hey I think I'll give it a try anyway, if it doesn't work I can always put it on a shirt for myself (I would totally wear it haha). I'm curious though, why you think the black mage should be wearing gray? I was going for the 8-bit black mage look, and he had happy blue robes then.

Again, I appreciate all the input you've been giving me! Thanks!


Bump with an update to the First Encounter Idea...


Second update. The grasshopper idea with kanji that read "grasshopper"

It is looking a little busy, but can I get opinions on whether its too much or not? Thanks!


I can redo the fading on the bottom character so that it fades into the sun instead of having that awkward yellow fade.

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In my personal opinion it makes more sense to keep the sun a complete circle. Right now it looks like a light bulb in a way and doesn't translate well. You did a nice job with the use of halftones and the appearance of fades, shadows, and highlights.

I would focus on the concept a bit more now. You should ask yourself "Does it read well?" "Will the audience get it?" After all that is what matters in the end.

Also, you could have him battling someone or something so it is more of an interesting visual.


Here is the hopper shirt with a circular sun. Can I get comments on the dragon/knight shirt? Do the blocks help at all or no?


Here is the hopper shirt with a circular sun. Can I get comments on the dragon/knight shirt? Do the blocks help at all or no?


I changed the characters on this design to make them less like the original characters... should I change them more? Also it feels like this is missing something though I am not sure what. Any ideas? Thanks!

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