I drew some Chimps, WIP

So I wanted to play with the "3 Wise Monkeys" idea.. You know the one.. "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil"... And came up with this twist of "Hear a rainbow, see a rainbow, speak a rainbow".
Anyway, check it out and give me your thoughts :)

Do you reckon it's good to go? Title suggestion? Cheers amigos!

Watch this


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Fresh take on the concept. I also like the characters. I know the colors are intentionally dull but I might suggest making the rainbow colors a a couple hue steps brighter.


Ok, thanks for the input guys :) I'd be really interested to see what you come up with @AlanBao! :D


great illustration! awesome chimps, i agree with Musarter maybe make the colors a bit brighter but other than that, solid shit brotha!

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skever said:

Ok, thanks for the input guys :) I'd be really interested to see what you come up with @AlanBao! :D

Heh, yeah, I'll be going for a completely different style. Still kinda bummed that you beat me to it though - here I was thinking what a clever, original little boy I was. :D


I made an attempt to the idea as well, check it out if you want!


Haha! unfortunately there rarely is such thing as pure originality anymore. it's more of a race to see who can get their concept across first it seems! I like your design @Mexiblunt :)


haha nah, you'll be fine I over-rushed mine thinking that, Pay loads of attention to the colours, this would be my personal advice!


Will do! :) Thanks bud!


Just updated this. And made 2 with different colours. Which do you prefer? :)


Thanks Thomas :) Which do you prefer of the new ones?


Thank you Poeha! I think I like the second one better too. :) I'm also trying to figure out a title..

This is what I have so far:

  • 3 wise and hip monkeys
  • hear a rainbow, see a rainbow, speak a rainbow

Not too keen on them though, any ideas?


super fresh!

don't listen to alanbao, he's just ripping you off, i'm sure of it! :D

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The opposite?

Listen, watch, & sing? Listen, watch, sing, live? #cheesymodus Hear it, see it, sing it

Something with senses? Senselicious Sensing around This makes sense

Something with monkey/ape? Apic Ape-hit crazy (it's intetionally hit, since they look like they are doing music things) Ape-it crazy Monkey business It's a monkey business Ape it up I heard it through the ape vine Hear it, see it, sing it, ape it.

Something with err.. Pouring life Bleeding life

Just brainfarting here to get your thinkingcap started


Some great farting of the brain there! Thanks, haha!


taste the rainbow?

something something skittles


Thank you Alex! :) I'm really happy with how it turned out.

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