How about a contest to see who has bought the most Tees?

I would love to see a contest or recognition of those of us that have bought so many Tees. I have supported Threadless for many years and bought many Tees. Lol. In fact I bet I have at this moment around 200 Tees. Maybe more. Much more. I have a Threadless addiction Dr. It would really be an interesting contest. And you have all the records of who bought what.

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I've owned more than 300. Wait until frickinawesome comes in. He probably bought more than me.

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gamejunkie blows everyone out of the park. i wonder if she stills buys tees...


Wow 300 is pretty good. One of my friends thinks I'm nuts. Guess I'm not the only nut. And proud of it!

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I am aiming to be able to have one t-shirt for every day of the year, I am a few dozens short

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