Hey artists! Help us promote you all over the internet!

Call all artists!

Our biggest goal at Threadless is to make all our artists recognized for the art they make! But, as we promote your designs on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and beyond, we don't want to link to any personal accounts you aren't comfortable with.

Soon, we'll have fields on the site for you to enter every freakin' username you got, but in the interim, I made this google survey for you to fill out usernames for most of the popular social media sites.Please only fill out the fields that you want us to use in promotion.

This is a temporary fix. You'll probably have to do it again in a more official manner but this helps me, Bob, Kyle & Craig for now in our mission to make you internet famous.


Comment below with any other sites you think I'm missing so we know for the official on-site fix. (Also because I want you to bump this blog and make sure everyone fills this out. haha)

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SteveOramA profile pic Alumni

This is a great idea to promote people and their work. I am quickly approaching 100 submitted designs on here. This may help me gain my first print. Awesome news!

dudeowl profile pic Alumni


otrom profile pic Alumni

DONE! <3

soloyo profile pic Alumni



Viiiiine. Also flickr?

bamboota profile pic Alumni

Done! :)

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