Threadless not updating

Is anyone else having issues with Threadless not updating? I haven't seen a single new Mickey and Friends shirt since yesterday afternoon. Also, when I try and sort them by score, Threadless just displays about a jillion copies of the same shirt design.

Has anyone else noticed this too?

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jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

Hey there. Threadless is constantly updating. Howeverr there is only ONE person filtering through the THOUSANDS of submissions (Dan) and so it might take a little longer than you think. Just be patient and soon enough you'll be approved :) he's doing his best so cut him some slack! :)

Jordan_Bender profile pic Alumni

Poor Dan... D: If I had that job, I would probably lose my mind

(this would be me all day sitting at the computer)


Oops... sorry Dan. I just thought something might be wrong with the site is all.

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