I like being different and bizarre therefore so does my art. (The Prince of Atlantis.)

Soo i like the unusual and the bizarre. I realize Threadless has to do a lot with concept but that's not going to shy me away from still doing thee out of the ordinary. This is some art i was working on called (Prince of Atlantis) check it and let me have it! Thanks! ! http://www.freeimagehosting.net/vvasg

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I like it. Unusual ans bizarre can work here. A lot of the stuff that gets printed doesn;t make any sense. I mean, come on, giant kitten head with laser goggles in space? It doesn't actually have a concept or a deep answer of the meaning of life except that it is AWESOME.


Thanks Poeha and touche. I agree that not everything MUST have a specific concept as long as it is visually appealing and well done. But im sure having some concept and purpose helps the voting process and appeals to a larger crowd. I like to mix it up :)


The fuck was that


unusual and bizarre works, especially if they include the following: space, unicorns, pandas, robots, and not sure what else but those are pretty popular.


You forgot rainbows, cats, deer, Dr. Who, zombies & owls ;D But we all love these things, so it's cool.



This is great work. Can't wait to see you other pieces in the series.



I love that type of art:) I also love when usual hard black lines are replaced with a dark color instead


Actually I just looked at a bunch of your previous art, it's soo good! I'm a fan haha

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