Working a New Design "Gnoming around" could use some feedback

Watch this


First impressions? Visually Awesome dude! What's the story behind the piece?



Thank you dBranes... When i was a little kid my mom collected these gnome statues, she had like hundreds it wais peice for s crazy growing up with those little bastards everywhere. Did this piece for her lol.


damn computer and messing up my typing. i meant it was crazy growing up with those things everywhere and that this piece was for her.

Ham Eye Am

I love the concept. I'm not to fond of the linear gradient on the sun though, maybe do blotches of colors, or keep it solid. It just doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the image.


Yeah i prolly shoulda worked with that more. I guess i was trying to kinda highlight the top Gnome dancing on the shroom since he's kind of the center piece of it, but I def could have done it differently.

Musarter profile pic Alumni

The image is visually intriguing and done well. The concept is not very strong, so it could have a tough time in scoring. I think it could be improved by making the mushrooms coming out of grassy hill (the hill could be implied faintly or in silhouette. Doing this would make the design taller too, which is always good on a tee.


I really enjoy this illustration, the mushrooms are pulling more of my attention than the gnomes, however. Adding more detail or emphasis on the gnomes would make this a stellar piece. Great work!


This is looking pretty amazing so far dude, Some more finer details might make it pop more. :D

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