I made doughnuts .. :D Just saying

Honestly I really did.. totally from scratch too!
Although technically I made them yesterday so they're all gone now :P

I even made teeny little doughnut holes that looked like cornpops cereal but my roommate ate those before I could even take a picture.

Also I have some subs up for scoring if you all feel like it. ;)

Watch this
TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Oh dang, those look delicious. NOM NOM NOM.



ivanrodero profile pic Alumni

Yeah! they look amazing and awesome.

Did you know that is almost impossible to find doughnuts here in Argentina? I'm so envious of you right now... envious and hungry. ;^)

BeanePod profile pic Alumni

Those pictures would make you my wife and daughter's new hero. They are doughnut freaks.

Love Hello Copter btw.

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Hahah yeah it was super easy too. I mean it took awhile since I made yeast based doughnuts so they had to rise twice :) But I loved cutting out pretty little donughts and watching them fry up into golden brown deliciousness.

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

i love donuts ;)


That is awesome, Lori! :D

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

hehe I wish I could send them to people so I can make moar but I'm afraid they would not be tasty after shipping


Jeff LOOOOOVES doughnuts


Somebody bought me this doughnut maker for Christmas along with like 8 boxes of mix.. * shrug * ?? I don't know why. But anyway its basically a George Foreman grill with doughnut shaped cut-outs. I made one box of mix. Took like 2 freaking hours to deal with. And they tasted pretty bad. I guess if the thing could make yeast doughnuts instead of cake, or if I just made my own mix it would be pretty sweet. Hmmm, now that I think of it... maybe it could make bagel bites. :P

God I'm hungry


winku winku

Mya Jamila

Holy shoot Lori. om nom noms

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

hahah duracell! These probably took all of maybe 3hrs total start to finish. But I had big chunks of like 1hr and another 30min where I did nothing but let them poof up.

Yeah these were totally NOT like cake at all. But more like fried dough. Plain they sort of tasted like funnel cakes for anyone who knows what those are. I bet they'd be great covered in powdered sugar like italian zeppola's (basically it's like fried pizza dough with sugar).

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

I'm going to make more on the 26th for some customers coming to visit us at the office. So like maybe I could ship someone a few powered sugar ones? I think the glaze would be an awful idea to try to ship since it's been pretty warm recently in socal.


^Yeah those yeast doughnuts. That's all I ever crave. I don't care what kind. I had a glazed apple fritter this morning. Tore that S up. a-nom-nomz

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