One second...

If you give me your vote n comment.... I'll give you my vote n comment back :)

i got new design that up for scoring..... drop me your vote and comment.... and i'll drop you back :)

Please spare your precious time to take a look to my African Sunset

be free to promote your designs here :) it always be great to have the chance to see awesome designs :)

Watch this

THANKS :) ya i've scored n comment ur designs before i made this thread :) if only i could score a design more than once... sure ill do that :)


thanks n done on yours also :)


done! i gave you a 1 and said your design is shit. vote mine?


thanks 'n i'll keep my words.... just ya u don't have one that up for vote... sorry


thanks 'n i'll keep my words.... just ya u don't have one that up for vote... sorry

xiv said:

If you give my terrible design a 5, I'll give yours a 5 with all of my fake accounts (even though it shouldn't have been accepted in the first place because it sucks so bad).


well that makes a sense... just i saw lot of peps here doing the same... is this cheating or what....??? well sorry i'm new here... would you kindly tell and give me some advice about promoting the designs... thanks in advance

jieyi profile pic Alumni

gorgeous colors and the sky is beautiful! please take a look and vote for my entries here (: entry #1 & entry #2 thank you!


melmike sorry I never commented and rated yours after you commented on mine, gave em both a 5 and a comment, I really like the first one, it's so cool, great job!!!

melmike profile pic Alumni

Thanks so much! Yours is one of my favs! Good luck!


i just feel like this would be cheating :\


guys sorry..... im not acting mean.... but i dont do this any longer... sorry i think its kind of illegal.... ya i know i made this thread... but i made it when im so lost... thought i've deleted it..... well if u want to promote ur designs, u guys can promote here The Official Threadless Design Promotion Blog! thanks n my apologize

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