Score/Feedback please!

Hi there,
Just looking for some feedback and scores on my latest design

thanks so much!!!

Watch this

in future, perhaps ask for critiques before you submit.


I agree with Taz on this one. I think you should have used one texture throughout the piece to keep it consistent. The crayon/paint effect on Earth is much better than the smooth edges of the sun and moon. Also, I wouldn't have known the earth was jump roping if not for the title. There's no indication of movement. Something that bothers me, though I reckon it's just me, is that the theme is sort of space, but you've used a rainbow as jump rope. Rainbows don't exist in space so it kinda muddles up the theme. I would've used Saturn's rings, or, I dunno, a string of comets.

The idea is definitely there and I like the positive attitude it conveys, but I think it still needs a bit of work :) I hope you do well though, good luck with scoring!

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