Need some help with my Game of Thrones design!

Hey, what do you the background integrated with the throne? or is it anything wrong?

Watch this

i like it but i might be kind of tempted to lower it into the space a little more so the trees rise over the top. beautiful wolf!


I think you should change the pose and weight of the tail. Right now it looks like a doughy third leg. If you made it fluffier and maybe curving upwards or at least avoid making the same height range as the left hind leg, that would improve it. Also, what saoiresushi said.


The throne looks like ice, I might be wrong on this but aren't they supposed to be swords?

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What they said and I am having an issue with the foreground. The tree and brush look weird over your illustration. Maybe just don't have anything in front of the throne to eliminate this issue. Looking good.

Ale Flavia

Thank you very much for your help, I will try to improve my design with what you have told me. I really appreciate it! I'll try to rise the trees over the top, remove the layers that are in front of the throne and see how it looks.

I forgot to say that the name of the design is "the king in the north"

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