I Finally Got His Helmet!!

Hey guys.

An idea came to me last night for a shirt design for Xbox Gamers. Some of my favorite Xbox memories have come from a little game called Halo. Yeah, I understand no one has heard of this game before. There's no reason to design for something that wouldn't sale. yadda yadda. I like the game and that's enough for me. lol

Anywho, my favorite of the 10+ year series is the original game. Open feel of the game, the fun of it, the story, and of course, the characters. Of the many memorable A.I voice-over lines in the game, one in particular seems to stick out. It comes from a random Grunt after the player dies. "Can I Have His Helmet?!" In the novels, YapYap the Grunt has been my favorite. So I figured I'll play tribute to YapYap, all Grunts, and the Original Halo game with the below image.

I made some clear changes to the design of the Grunt character's (let's name him PayPay) design to make him my own. Brought in elements from Halo 1 up to Halo 4. Changed his plasma pistol's design. I've also changed the look of the Master Chief helmet by also bringing in elements from a few past games to make it my own. It's a true Parody.

Before I start on it, I'd like a few suggestions. Like what color to make his armor. Was thinking of making him Red and a blue spartan helmet as a montage to Halo's MP mode. Then there's the background. Do I place him in front of a large ring? I want the background image to be simple so not to take away from the main image but also clearly related to Halo. But outside of a ring or possible a very large High Charity silhouette I'm pretty much at a lose of ideas. Shading will be left in black to make printing much cheaper. As per the Threadless standards.
I think each and every comment and suggestion. Please remember that the below is just a sketch. Lines will be cleaned up.

Watch this

Obviously appealing to a very tight niche, but I love the design. I think it would be recognizable to more people if you used common Halo colors.

While creative, I would be a little weary of using the Red vs. Blue colors simply because Master Chief's signature Green and Orange are probably more well-known.

Because the grunt's design has been changed so much, I would simply color him to match the Chief's helmet, which should be the centerpiece of this design.

I would also try to capture the comic nature of grunts in this design. Kind of vague, but one of my favorite parts of Halo was watching and listening to random grunts lose their s***.

A few ideas to consider for the background: A blue plasma grenade explosion of possibly a simple image of the Halo terrain.

Best of luck, and keep us posted on the progress, Collin


Thanks for the feedback. Like the explosion idea. A Halo member on the H.B.O. forums suggested B-day Grunt confetti. May be cool if I through a few strands in as well with the plasma explosion.

With a explosion, adding Halo terrain may be too much. As for the colors. I'd like to keep the helmet green and the grunt's armor dirty orange. May make a secondary color version for the MP group. Creating the explosion should be fun.


maybe you shouldn't bother with submitting this to threadless. there are other places where this would work better, or you could self-print.


I respect all advice and suggestions. But this is going to sound mean and I do apologize in advance. Not trying to start an argument. Just trying to understand.

Taryn (taz-pie), why would anyone ever suggest "you shouldn't bother with submitting this.."? It's a great idea and it's already got support in the Halo/video game community and it's not even finished yet. Here comes the possible mean part.

Taryn, according to your profile, (I always look at profiles out of respect and for inspiration) you've been here for over 7 years, almost 8 in fact, and have only submitted one design in all that time. And your vote score averages less then 2. I do thank you for your feedback, but your profile betrays any credibility on what should and shouldn't be submitted to Threadless. Once again, I apologize if that came off as harsh. You're clearly very talented. At least from what I can tell from the one submission on your account.

But not submit to Threadless simply because there may not be a large Gamer Community on the site makes no sense to me. It only takes one gamer that likes it and spread the word to get it picked up. Shoot, it only took one gamer to get my silly speed art video of Cortana posted on a large video game site's front page. Literally over-night, it went from 5 views to over 2k.

Will Threadless pick up my design? Maybe. Maybe not. We don't know until I try. If they don't, then I'll go somewhere else and try. I strongly suggest you do the same. Show your love of art and submit more designs. We'll all love to see them. Please submit more.

God Bless and sorry again.

PS: I can't afford to print it on my own.


I think there might be some copyright issues...But it doesn't hurt to try :D

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I think you should definitely finish it up all colored and nice, and try it out, ..it's a funny idea. The risk is the market, ...but if it doesn't do well here, there's a couple other places you could try that are more gaming design related.

good luck

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saying that, ...I think the master chief green for the helmet would be a better colour choice, ..an MP helmet doesn't convey that it is Master Chief himself, ...also, grunts aren't associated with Multiplayer that much at all.


Agreed, Mech. The Grunt will be orange and the helmet green.

TheArtistDude, No copyright issues here. It's a well planed parody to prevent the issue. To be honest, I'm hoping 343/waypoint spotslight it when it's up for voting. ^_^


all i meant was that threadless is a very threadlessy place. and there are other sites where game-stuff would be gobbled up. and just cos i often vote low doesn't make my opinion any less valid.

ahh whatever.


Just the flats on the T-shirt design I posted last time. Don't worry about the colors. Shading will add depth and variety.

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I love the Idea. :D The background that came to mind in my little head is a vague picture of space (like the milkyway and such) that fades out in a nice shape. Then it wouldn't ´t draw much attention from the main character and you can shape it however you like. Good luck and nicely done! :D


I'm still not done with the image. I'm taking it slow. ;) But without spoiling anything, I wanted to give you a little update along with a little How2 for setting up a image for Screen Printing.

Just a sample from the previous design. This time it's of the shading. One the left is the original. That on the right is the result after adjusting it for Screen Printing.

Why? Because the printers that create the screens can only see pure black and not shades. To counter this, the artist must use a program (or do it by hand) like Photoshop to convert the shades to Grayscale to remove all color. Then he/she must set it to Bitmap. Bitmap does not support transparency so the program (Photoshop in this case) allows the artist to choose a preset shape to replace the transparency. In this case I used "round/circle". The program then adjust the number of Rounds to match the look of the previous transparency. But because it's a Bitmap now, the artist needs to remove the white from the image. To do this I converted back to Grayscale and then to RGB. I then use the Photoshop Filter PlugIn called "Eraser Genuine" and tell it to remove all the White. Then I'm done with the shadows. ^_^

Click here for the LARGE version if you'll like to see the details. http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/079/8/e/1canonfodernomore_shadessamples_by_sespider-d5ypjfv.jpg

Sorry about the watermark.


Space background? Hmmmm Maybe the rest of the shirt be covered in stars? May be possible to include it as well. Not shire yet.


I still need to add the background, and all of the highlights. The highlights will greatly help with the visor.

I'll also like to see it printed in a metallic ink and the background be Glow-In-The-Dark ink for the explosion. But that may only be a dream. lol


Here is the final result of the T-shirt I'm submitting to Threadless. Awaiting feedback before I actually submit it. Please DO NOT share this with any Video Game site, H.B.O., Facebook, etc until I have submitted it to Threadless and post a link to it's Voting page.

I would like to see it printed in metallic colors with the blue printed in Glow-In-The-Dark paint. I'm looking for feedback on the design, colors, and desired Shirt colors.

Thank you to all that helped me make desisions thus far. If this gets picked up by Threadless, you all get a free shirt of it if you like. ;)

Oh, and the bottom is a closeup of the helmet and with the design on a Laptop Case.

Thank, Guys/Gals


I just shat myself in excitement...too much? Lol

It looks awesome! I'm sad you didn't put glow in the visor, but oh well. When this gets printed I am definitely buying one.


lol. Thanks I tried adding more glow and reflections to the visor, but it just didn't work out. Either became too much of a focal point or didn't work with the rest of the image.

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The character is drawn well but I would get rid of the confetti. It just doesn't fit the rest of the image, it looks like it was quickly scribbled on as an afterthought.

Morkki said:

The character is drawn well but I would get rid of the confetti. It just doesn't fit the rest of the image, it looks like it was quickly scribbled on as an afterthought.

Thanks, Morkki. The confetti isn't a afterthought. I left it plain to match that in the game. Would you suggest adding shading to them (a simple matter) or simply removing the confetti all together?


Already done. ;) Was going to remove it but too many Halo fans seem to want the confetti to stay.

--------UPDATE No.1-------- I've updated the design. 1) I've adjusted the emblem on the take by making it larger and warping it to fit the curves of the tank better. 2) I've also added shading to the confetti so it'll fall in line with the rest of the image. 3) I've also gone ahead and submitted to Threadless. I should hear back in a few days if they approve it for the voting process.

Thank you all for the great feedback.


Wow. I'm very impressed with this. You, my good sir, deserve a vote from my humble self. I would love some more tuts too, I love your shading style! Best of luck to you, and I'm glad I could help in the early stages of this design.


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