I single handedly had Threadless blocked from my work

Which means I will be on here much less...

and actually have to do works

Damn it

Watch this

well on the upside you still have a job...apparently... sometimes prompting you work to block a website will result in it being blocked for those who still work there..


awww mannnn

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

theres always ways around it ~


Haha yes I do still have my job. It was kind of an unspoken matter because my computer developed a nasty cold and while IT was fixing it, they blocked a lot of the sites they didn't recognize. Wharton...I'll probably be taking a little break from subbing...since work is where I bust out most of them anyway =( Until it cools down for a bit. What are these ways you speak of Jeff??


that's why I don't like works U_U


Sleep sounds much more productive IMHO

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Ryder Revolution said:

time to get out the iphone

Problem solved!

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