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Okay so my voting time for my first design is over and I scored 3.08 which, according to the help pages, is pretty good, right?

So what happens now? I wait a couple of days-weeks until threadless decides which designs get printed? What chances does my score(3.08) give me, in your opinion? Or my comments (344)?

Anyways Im super thrilles about this score, so thank you guys for voting and commenting!!

One happy Lea

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344 is how many people scored your design. I had to go check because that would be a ton of comments. 3.08 on the new site is pretty good, but not groundbreaking. Waiting period is about 90 days, though after a few weeks your chances go way down. I could see it printing on a kids tee, maybe, though I don't think they'd print something like that for adults. :-) 3.08 is a great start, keep subbing and try not to get too stressed about whether your stuff will print or not.


haha yeah sorry I mixed up comments and votes.. I was thinking about submitting it to the kids section, too. I can do that right away, right? or do I have to wait until they're done deciding?

do you happen to know when the last time was they checked designs? I guess they do it every 90 days or what do you mean by "chances go down" after a couple of weeks? so if I happen to finish scoring shortly before they check, thats good for me?


I think they give a quick glance to all the top scorers and decide 2-3 really good ones that stand out in the first couple of weeks, and then take longer to decide for the other shirts. doesn't matter at what time or date you submit, if it did everyone would be flooding submissions on specific days instead of the continuous flow you see.

As baka said, take a chill pill and don't worry about it, these things take their time.

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Basically from the time your design finishes scoring Threadless has 90 days to choose, or not, to print your design. After those ninety days, you are free to do what ever you like with that design if it isn't chosen.

The first couple of weeks after a design finishes scoring is the time that Threadless are most likely to decide whether they do or don't want to print it, although sometimes it can take longer. Some of my prints i've found out the Threadless wants them a week after scoring while others have been closer to 6 weeks.

They are always looking at designs and constantly picking which new designs they want.


okay, thanks for the info.. so does this mean I have to wait for threadless' decision on my motive before I can enter it for the wittlebee's contest, too?

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Also, if you're going to resubmit a design for a challenge, re-work it a bit and improve it before you do so. :-)


sounds reasonable, bring on your suggestions! :D

Joe Conde
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Hi Lea, 3.08 is a good score indeed. While a higher score might get your design more noticed by the panel picking prints it doesn't necessarily guarantee it. Not to dampen your spirits but in my opinion the 3's in the new site are like the new 2.5's. On the other hand there are a lot of designs here (from the old and new site) that had a 2+ score and got printed. You also have to contend with the "down-voters," those guys are brutal. The community has a say with votes and comments, but in the end it is really up to Threadless. I trust they know what designs are going to sell. My tip, don't worry too much about getting a print or not, just enjoy what you are doing. We would love to see more of your designs ;-)


Hi Joe, thanks for your answer. The reason I am so excited is because I have a lot of respect for the standards that threadless has on the designs they sell. The level here is awesome and frankly I had not expected to score this high with my first design, to actually have a shot at getting printed. I've known threadless for some years and just recently launched my t-shirt label, giving t-shirt design a shot. I use spreadshirt to offer my designs but I try to get closer to threadless standards talking design and illustration. Thats why I'm so excited :D. Also, getting printed would give me funds to buy shirts and sell at a fashion markets here, which I also really want to do :).

Will definitely post more! :)


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